Fairy tale about a bear Michael

During our cycle trip around Slovakia I wrote a fairy tale – About a bear Misho with decayed teeth and about sheep Mishka who helped him. Our sons liked it so much I had to tell it almost every night for weeks 🙂 After the return Evit edited it a little and together with Janko they drawed ilustrations for it.

I’m sorry, but I don’t feel I can translate to English nicely, but if you want to see at least the illustration, see the Slovak version.

Italy 2018

Since January 2018 we’ve been both at home :).  Koloman was almost one year old and it was the time for a longer vacation. Italy was the winner destination and some friends joined us also. Mostly we traveled by car with Rusty waiting on the roof. But at the end we also enjoyed real cycle touring along the river Po. During one month we did 4000km by car and around 400km by bike… saw and experienced a lot. This is a “short” report… 🙂

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