The main plan of our journey is to not have any plans, to not have any deadlines and to take opportunities, which will appear.

What we already know is, that …

  1. we want to travel at least one year
  2. we are going to earn money for our journey in USA during summer 2012
  3. we will try to bike through central and south Amerika
  4. we would like to see New Zealand and Nepal
  5. our travelling has to be in lowcost way
  6. the plans are going to change and develop

Rough plan: From Provincetown, MA we will sail to Haiti, from there to Cuba and Mexico, from where we will ride our bicycles through Central America (Mexico, Belise, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama) and then through west part of South America (Columbia, Equador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile) to Patagonia. From there we will bike in New Zealand and at the end we will do some hike in Himalayas (Nepal, …)

Photos from our trip are on picasa