Colombia in traveler’s heart

Different opinions on the same country

… drugs and smugglers, rebels, corrupt army and police, cartels, Pablo Escobar … you can hear this from the TV

… “To Colombia? No way!”, “Any other country, but don’t step on Colombian soil!”, “Bad and dangerous” … you can hear this from people who haven’t been there

… hot Caribbean beaches, wet jungle, pleasant mountains, freezing glaciers … beautiful nature, uphills-downhills-uphills-uphills-dowhnills and charming views … cheap, tasty, nutrious food and great bakery … fresh vegetables and fruits 12 months in year … country big like half of Europe offering to taste any of nature beauties … hospitable, honest, cheerful and friendly people who are interested in your story among who you can feel like at home … pre-colombian culture and modern arts in streets … advanced economy supporting enterpreneuring, good salaries, high employment rate … many public parks, social places, sport or culture events … the place to come back … place for life … you can hear this from travelers who’ve seen, tried, experienced and wrote in capital letters into their hearts COLOMBIA

Of course there are the worse sides … homeless in cities, poor barrios, easy accessible drugs and many addicts – but in which country aren’t?

The good things in Colombia outnumber the bad ones by many times and with basic common sense and self-preservation you can be safe and enjoy this southamerican paradise :)

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