About us

Hello, we are Evit , Jan, Janko, Kolomanko and Stanko!

In 2012 we got married and left for a year-long honeymoon tour around the world. At the end it was a bit longer and it wasn’t around the world – “just” from USA to Argentina. These 19 months infuenced our lives – especially the 13months on bike saddle transformed us to bicycle touring enthusiasts.

On this blog we were publishing posts about our traveling and later we were sharing our experiences and hold many public presentations to motivate people to go traveling. We try to show that traveling isn’t that difficult and expensive as many think – the hardest part is to leave :) … and the best way to experience the world is to travel by bicycle!

We have already 3 children and we travelled also with them on our special tandem bike. The world also come to us – we host touring cyclist through warmshowers.

We are also barefoot enthusiasts and we try to bring stimulation for your feet also to your interiors with our small company www.barefu.com.

And we try to improve environment around us, develop the community and connect people in our surrounding – Severná housing estate in Banská Bystrica.

The blog is still called COS (Cesta Okolo Sveta = Trip Around the World) – we still have many years to travel and the world is incredible place to experience!

Feel free to contact us: www.cos.sk@gmail.com