Before the trip

One year in shortcut – the birth of our travelling plan, events of those days, preparations…

It’s late September. We are sitting exhausted on the top of Half Dome, everything around us is underneath. Full of endorphins, happy of getting to the top – we know that we both like mountains and we know that we also enjoy travelling. “I would like to climb many more mountains together with you” …”YES”

So we know we want to make some big journey, now the question is if we want to travel before as test if we can be together – or as a “honey moon” and we’ll need to overcome all problems… We go for the B option. The wedding preparations begin and we make the web page

Our honey moon travelling plan: trip around the world. At home we have a map of the world and we dream, imagine, plan, travel with finger… We definitely don’t have enough money for that so we decide to first go to USA to earn enough for one-year travelling.
It will be a low-cost travelling – hitchhiking, local buses, sleeping in tent, couchsurfing.
In march the process of getting visa begins and we buy fly tickets.

April 1st – fool’s day joke: we run marathon and get to finish before the 5hour limit together holding hand. It was tough and worst muscle pain in our lives :)

We visit “hory a mesto” (mountains and city) film festival, see presentations of travellers and we decide to make our trip on bicycles. Doesn’t matter that we haven’t been to any longer bicycle trip or done at least 100km in a day. We’ll go from Provincetown (northeast of USA near to Boston) to Patagonia in Chile :-D

April 21st – wedding. Great day with great people. As wedding presents we get camping pot, ultralight tent, sleeping bags, special towels, and money (one more time a big THANKS to everybody!)

May – Evit finishes the university as Mgr art :) Jan interrupts the PhD and enjoys the unemployed life.

June – insurances, interrupt Slovak health insurance, Evit changes all IDs to the new name and thinks out the plan B when they don’t let her into USA (her visa are in a passport with old name which should be officially not valid). The travel agency tells us 3 days before departure that it’s not possible to take our bikes to the plane and only way is to change the flight to different company which would be more expensive than the bicycles…

So we leave them at home but we take our luggage in bicycle bags from Sport Arsenal, say bay to our friends, the parents take us to the airport in Budapest and we wait what’s going to happen with the invalid passport … nothing :) Everything is ok and we say goodbye to our parents till September 2013. There will be 3 more passport controls in Frankfurt, Toronto and Boston – how far will we make it? :)

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