Boat Haiti

It is yellow like a chick, heavy like a cow, big like american truck, high like two floors, it can b reeeealy slow, but also scary fast … what is it?

Our new boat Haiti! :)

For two reasons – Jan was amazed by boats (which came along with his job as 1st mate) and impossibility to organize sailing with Joe – our desire for sailing rises. Even when is already end of August – so it’s only one month left – we calculate, that if we go sailing at least 5 times the price will be the same as to buy a small sunfish sailboat and as a bonus we can can sell it afterwards… :)

Jan found one small yellow boat on craigslist (in USA you can find everything here – from jobs, accommodation, sell things…) – the same day he contacts the seller and arrange a date to pick it up. Week later we borrow car from from Evit’s boss and we are going to the meeting point.

We are surprised how heavy and big it is, but John is very helpful and helps us to get it to our car. He leaves only after he is sure, that it is safe fastened on our roof. Wishes us a lot of fun and leaves with the coming night.

“Our yellow chick” is not the best name for a boat so during the 2hour way home we think out a better name. HAITI – Our boat will have the name Haiti! :) – and why not? It will help us to learn how to sail and Joe can see we’ll be a good crew to go to Haiti. The same night Chris helps us to get the boat to the beach and we are looking forward to get it to water.

The next morning Jan assembles everything together and in the afternoon Me and Joe take her for the first sail. Joe tries to explain me then techniques but when I hold the tiller I don’t think I understood it. We hit another sailboat and at the end we capsize while trying to park. It was a nice didactic first try.

After couple of days we go finally sailing with Jan during one of few common free mornings. We believe in instincts of born sailors – to understand behaviour of wind and how to manage all the lines. But it is not so easy as it could look like – so we shout at each other, we are in stress hoping not to flip over. Positive effect is that every such situation helps us to understand sailing better.

We go to sail every free time we have, when the tide and wind are good. We still talk together shouting but the sailing begins to look better. For me is good to know that the wind is actually pulling the boat, not pushing (force like on airplane wing – everybody who wants to sail should learn this). So it is finally fun and relaxing.

One morning Jan and Janka come to visit me to the morning restaurant which is 4miles away. Eating they tell me how the capsized and Janka’s phone was under water (survived:)). The way back shold be with better wind, but they still leave earlier. But the waves became bigger and the combination of the direction of the wind and the waves makes the sailing almost impossible and suffering. After an hour of fighting with the sea they park the boat 500meters from the restaurant and hitch hike home.

Taking of the boat back took one week – waiting for the right wind and tide looked impossible. First try to get it back was bad again – most scary sailing in my life! We hitch hike with Teru to the boat, put the mast back, cross first waves and after 5 minutes we watch surprised the power of nature – the boat is leaned on the side all the time and to get it back to the beach is a hard job – we are being taken away from the shore. After tiring rowing with the rudder back I’m unbelievable happy to stand on the land again. I apologize to Teru for all the screaming and disappointed go back home.

Great wind, good tide, free time … ideal day to get the boat back. BUT! Everybody is working and I have never been sailing alone and the last time was really scary. I meet Joe and he believes in me (“Don’t be a princess!”). So I’m going… I get the boat to water, I have fair wind, cut waves and go really fast. After half and hour I’m back, where Joe is waiting with the promised beer.

With Jan we think that we are so afraid because we don’t know how to react when the boat flips over and we have to try to overcome this fear – we have to flip it over. The wind is good, waves small – today is the day to capsize and reach the limits of the boat. Even when we are not able to flip it over it is the best sailing ever and we finally enjoy the sailing – with speed when we spear the waves, leaned on the side with no fear.

On October 15th we put the boat to the water last time – just to bring it to Chris’ place. It is going to be there during the winter and then she is going to find a new owner who will hopefully have at least so much fun with her as we did.

Haiti, you were our first one and even when it was sometimes painful, we will have only the best memories with you :)

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