Hurricane Sandy

Wind power 70 miles per / hour, waves can reach 30 feet, high tide 3 feet higher than normal, heavy rain …

Updated after hurricane

This is the weather forecast for tomorrow hurricane Sandy. We wait for her in a safe place (we really hope it is the safe place :)) in a harbor in Cape May at the end of New Jersey.

Yesterday we had still nice weather so we went for a walk to the center, where we were amazed by an architecture and old town. We even took off our sweatshirts, what was really nice change after last week with all the layers of clothes on us.


The marina is OK (but it is a quite expensive for off-season docking). There are 2 buildings with showers and restrooms, common room with bad Internet connection and really expensive washing machines.

Joe is securing everything on the boat and wish us to enjoy marina and town. That means that we have 2 days for uploading articles and to do some work on the blog (we created facebook page, where we inform about news from our travelling and news on this page :))

It is Sunday evening, I’m sitting in wet sleeping-bags, because our windows leak … We repaired one already and for the second we will use Mecgyver tape… Hope it’s not going to leek on our heads during a night  :)

It is blowing so much, that I have a feeling that the catamaran flies sometimes and the windows are going to crash. The rain is so heavy, that it seems like somebody is cleaning our boat with hose (it will be clean and nice :)) … and tomorrow everything should be a double! Jan put all our stuff into waterproof bags and made one bag with all important things and passports, which we going to grab and run if it is too bad (but with Parker low I have a feeling, that if something happens, this is going to be only bag we will loose :D).

Joe is checking the boat every half an hour and he said that it looks good. The last forecast is not so bad. Sandy should move more northern, what would mean a lot of wind and rain but nothing worse.

We will see. Tomorrow (Monday) at 9:00 am and 9:00 pm are the critical moments, when a high tide could be very high. Wish us a luck, to not be floating like a plastic ducks, which are bumping one to each other :)

How did it really look like

Morning high tide was around 3feet higher than normally (local people haven’t seen higher before) and water was already on shore and the gangway to dock pointed towards sky (we demonted that gangway afterwards). The wind became stronger during the day and was heavy raining (we could test our waterproof clothes) and almost our our windows leaked so our main activity was to dry the carpet and catch water to bowls… The wind was really noisy, but it wasn’t blowing directly to us so we couldn’t feel any other effects (bigger sailboats were bent to sides). Around 7pm the wind turned and we knew the hurricane will go northern from us. Also the evening high tide was lower and we were safe. It also stopped to rain later.

On Tuesday it was cloudy, windy and cold but not rainy. In the city we could see some broken branches and leaves on the streets but generally no bigger damage. Cape May was like a ghost city – almost nobody in the streets and only few shops open and the others with plywood – but we found a nice bar – Pilot house – where couple of locals were preparing for evening After-hurricane party which we took later part on and where Joe played couple songs with huge success :)

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