Flying pigeons on Cuba – Statistics

We did the flew over the Cuba’s nest on our flying pigeons, which carried us safely on their back the whole time. Here are some facts about the trip:

Brand: Flying Pigeon
Origin: China
Year: Jan’s pigeon came with registration card so we know it’s born almost 22 years ago on 4th of May 1991. Mine came without the birth certificate but we assume they are aproximately same age
Breaks: Old simple beauty which we haven’t seen on any other bicycles
Gears: one, but very effective (of course, to every hill we needed to push)
Weight: cca 50lb (25kg)
Wheel size: 28 inches
Purchase price: 100CUC + watch (E), 60+30CUC repair (J)
Selling price: 110CUC together, so 55CUC each
Length of relationship: from 17.2. to 14.3. …short but intensive. There were some tough moments, but otherwise the saddles fit our butts. We were happy together, enjoyed the sun, got wet in rain and fighted agains wind. We were not jelous and we were a perfect four. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to continue together further so with the mourning in heart we said goodbye. They were our first ones and they remain the first even if one day we’ll have similar ones at home and enjoy the ride with them the same way we did with our first ones. They will always stay in our hearts hearts <3 and in our memories :)
Route: Cienfuegos (through Trinidad), Havana -> Pinar del Rio (through Vinales)

Number of days moving: 18
Total distance: bicycles – more than 900km, other – cca 470km
Average distance a day: 53km
Maximum distance a day: 92km
Speed: mostly around 13km/h
Troubles and repairs: more than 10 flat tires (E+J), explosion of the rear tire (E), bent pedal (J), broken spikes (E), new tires (E+J), bent stand (E+J), strange sounds (E), bending of the fork (E hit a big hole), brake torn off (J),new brakes (E+J), loose mudguard (E), torn pannier (E+J), new chain (J), lost screw from the wheel axis (J), exchange of pedals (2xJ)
Creative repairs: hay in the tire
Interesting moments: the surprise and admiration in faces of locals after realizing that we are going on this bicycles across Cuba and their conclusion that we are locos (crazy)
Other ways of transports of our pigeons: off road truck (mountains near to Santiago), autobus truck (when my tire exploded), boat (the way to nuclear town), autobus (Cienfuegos-Havana), taxi (Pinar del Rio-Havana)
Overall rating (1-10): 8+ … strong, nice, functional, comfortable, stylish … if they have more gears they would get 10+ :)

The days of the route:
18.2.2013 – Santiago to El Francais – 45km
[bikemap route=”2074878″ height=”200″]
19.2.2013 – El Francais to Cruce de los Banos – 27km (first 12km on bicyclei, the rest by truck)
[bikemap route=”2077110″ height=”200″]
20.2.2013 – Cruce de los Banos to Baire – 27km
[bikemap route=”2077116″ height=”200″]
21.2.2013 – Baire to El El Cartujo- 65km
[bikemap route=”2077121″ height=”200″]
23.2.2013 – El Cartujo to El Cornito – 64km (cca 20km by truck to Las Tunas, because the tire exploded)
[bikemap route=”2077124″ height=”200″]
24.2.2013 – El Cornito to Sitio Alegre – 92km
[bikemap route=”2077127″ height=”200″]
25.2.2013 – Sitio Alegre to a lake next to Camaguey – 47km
[bikemap route=”2077132″ height=”200″]
26.2.2013 – Camaguey to Crucero de Colorado – 77km
[bikemap route=”2077138″ height=”200″]
27.2.2013 – Crucero de Colorado to Jatibonico – 66km
[bikemap route=”2077140″ height=”200″]
28.2.2013 – Jatibonico to La Guira – 64km
[bikemap route=”2077144″ height=”200″]
1.3.2013 – La Guira to Trinidad – 36km
[bikemap route=”2077145″ height=”200″]

3.3.2013 – Trinidad to Pepito Tey – 67km
[bikemap route=”2077147″ height=”200″]
4.3.2013 – Pepito Tey to Cienfuegos – 45km (cca 10km by a ferry to the nuclear town)
[bikemap route=”2077152″ height=”200″]
5.3.2013 – Havana to Playa Baracoa – 25km (from Cienfuegos we got to Havana by bus)
[bikemap route=”2077159″ height=”200″]
6.3.2013 – Playa Baracoa to Bahia Honda – 75km
[bikemap route=”2077162″ height=”200″]
7.3.2013 – Bahia Honda to La Palma – 51km
[bikemap route=”2077164″ height=”200″]
8.3.2013 – La Palma to Vinales – 31km
[bikemap route=”2077165″ height=”200″]

12.3.2013 – Vinales to Pinar del Rio – 45km
[bikemap route=”2077167″ height=”200″]

2 Replies to “Flying pigeons on Cuba – Statistics”

  1. Krasne spracovana statistika a uprimne Vam zavidim toto bicyklovanie. Pri citani clankov o tomto cestovani som si pripadal, akoby som cital velmi zaujimavy pribeh a pri docitani jedneho som okamzite musel ist na dalsi. Skoda este tej cesty autobusom, keby ste to presli cele, to by bolo riadne cool!

    1. Dakujeme za pochvalu! Nastastie my sme na svadobnej ceste a nie cyklistickych pretekoch a tak mozeme podvadzat, kedy chceme :D

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