In Mexico…

Short summary of what we have seen

Mexican union is a huge country unifying many states, 100 million people, over 50 languages, different traditions, clothes and nature beauties. We’ve visited only 4 states: Quintana Roo, state Yucatan, Campeche and Chiapaz.

Yucatan peninsula offers much more of Maya culture that one is able to absorb and (unfortunately) to pay for. On the other hand the ruins are neat and with descriptions of buildings. Then there are cenotes (caves filled with water or lakes) which bite from budget also. All touristic attractions are accompanied with sellers, shops and sometimes begging children. Locals know that the tourists have money and one can feel it on their behaviour.

The coast is full of hotels and the access to the “public” beaches is difficult. Also the monotonous dense jungle makes imposible to discover the country.

On the roads are many speed bumps made by people and because not all of them are marked, sometimes it is an unpleasant surprise for a driver. The pavement is mostly very good and the side roads without traffic. There are many police cars and controls which make this country safe but doesn’t add to a good feeling (vicinity of fully armed policemen is unpleasant).

The people in villages are friendly, they are happy to give advices but they protect their privacy. Rarely they invite a traveller to their garden or home.

Chiapaz is more calm with beautiful mountains, different nature and it’s cheaper. But the roads are narrow and the drivers not so respectful than in the nord.

During the travelling we met many people who are amazed by Mexico and want to live here for whole their life. Why? They say because of the country, people, prices and freedom.

We haven’t discovered this hidden beauty yet but we believe that Mexico offers much and the life here could be nice.

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