Guatemala – huge country with various nature, generous people and living traditions

34 days aren’t enough for discovering all the beauties of the country but is enough to “taste” and try what’s offered…

  • Majestic grand mountains with perfect clime and even pine woods in the north which are best to be viewed from the back of pick-up truck, motorbike or bus :)
  • Volcanoes spread around the country like mole-hills which will test one’s condition when climbing their steep slopes
  • Lake Atitlan offering everything what one can want – places for meditation, learning Spanish, rich night life and really cheap living on a great place
  • Beautiful neat fields in places which are even hard to climb to
  • Fresh vegetables and fruits at the market (avocado, mango, bananas, …) with a taste which we can never find in our supermarkets
  • Women dressed in traditional clothes – skirts, blouses, scarfs and belts – beautiful and colorful with rich textures
  • Over 20 official languages which aren’t possible to understand at all! And the Tzutuhil language from San Pedro which sounds similar to Slovak with not-undesrtanbadle words :D
  • Very helpful, honest and friendly people all around
  • And most of all, local and foreign friends who aren’t just someones we met while traveling but who we want to meet again … because they are super cool :) (Eva and Ahmed, Carlos, Charlotte, Tomek, Tops, Juan, whole Maya Pedal, Bjorn and Evelyn and Argentinians)

Guatemala hid everything bad (“mala” = bad) and showed us it’s beauties (“linda” = beautiful) and hospitality… And therefore, Guatelinda – our home on American continent for more than one month, Thank you!


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