26 hours in Honduras

Very fast crossing of the country with Argentinian food and discovery that Czechs make good guns

We cross the boarder in similar way like before – we pass the lines of waiting trucks. In Honduras we pay the entrance fee and refuse all “amigos” who want to change our money and hold such a big pile of money which we don’t even dream about.

We cycle 50km more and we don’t see much difference from El Salvador (they have different currency and there are not pupusa stands on each corner). 30km is still ahead of us when we finally stop a car and with every hill we are happy for this help.

In Choluteca we visit something like McDonald’s (they have wifi and we need to contact our today’s host and roaming on our phone doesn’t work :/) and wait for Mario. He comes with his friend Daniel. Both are very friendly and hospitable. They have perfect English and our Spanish is poor – easy to guess which language we speak most of the time. Mario hosts mostly motobikers and cyclists and so he can show us many interesting websites of people who stopped here. In the evening we try an Argentinian culinary specialty in Daniel’s stand (his father is from Argentina) and talk till we really feel we should go to get some rest. We sleep outside next to a pool table under a roof which is perfect till it starts to rain and the water drops on our heads.

In the morning we pack wet sleeping bags and we follow the advice of locals to hitchhike from beginning (the road should be bad with a lot of potholes). Plus I feel really bad and I prefer not to bicycle much. A car with a whole family stops (parents, 2 children, grandma). We talk with them about world, Honduras, Slovakia… The head of the family has a little chaos in the history of Europe but he glorifies the quality of Czech guns (our brothers have good cheese and beer but I don’t know much about this field). We stop couple of kilometers before the boarder and while we say goodbye he pulls out a firearm… fortunately he just wants to show us the “Made in Czech republic” mark.

Another immigration, same procedure, rain and Nicaragua. In 26 hours in this country we haven’t seen almost anything, we talked with minimum of locals and we didn’t try any local food. We cannot say almost anything about the country… but maybe we’ll return one day and will discover it’s beauties and tastes.


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