Happy new year!

A the New Year is here! Exactly one year ago we were anchoring in Bahamas close to one turisty island and we attended stuff party with plenty of food, firework and many interesting people from all over the world. Today we are sitting in front of information centre in rainy/sunny/windy (all kind of weather in one hour :)) Rio Tranquilo in Chilean Patogonia… and we will see how will be our New Years eve party.

We are almost at the end of our journey… during last year we met awesome people, found magical places, learnt new language, got to know each other in all the situations, we slept at all possible and impossible places, climbed 6228m peak, biked in 5000 mnm altitude, were swetting in jungles, freezing in glaciers and deserts, fighting against wind, and warming on the sun :). We learnt to be happy from a little things, apreciate help from others. We found a love and beauty of this planet and we know how much we haven’t seen so far. We got inspired by other travellers and honesty of basic people who never left their villages.

Thank you very much to You who we met and you influenced our steps, thank you very much to You who helped us, thank you very much to all of you at home, who supported us and read all our articles and thank you very much to Pacha mama (mother nature), for your beauty, which we tasted in all possibles ways.

Dear family, dear friends, dear travellers, people on this world.. we know this kind of travelling is not for everybody but we wish all of you, that in the New Year you will experience strong moments, meet ispirative and awesome people, that you are more sensitive to your surrounding and to your family, that you see beauty in litle things, that you try new flavors, that you learn new language, that you discover beauty of your or foreing countries, but mainly that in a year you can tell to yourself with a smile on your faces :


2 Replies to “Happy new year!”

  1. Moji milí, tam ďaleko v Patagonii.
    S láskou som si prečítala Váš e-mail. Ste dvaja schopní, krásní ludia, som na Vás pyšná. To čo ste zažili, Vás v dobrom poznamená na celý život.Užite si zvyšných pár dní ve zdraví a v pohode a pridajte si ešte nezabudnuteľné chvíle a spomienky na Vašu “cos. ”
    Šťastnú cestu domov. Boskáva babička

  2. Thought about you guys , where are you spanding your New Year Eve and with who. I was at the boarder with Argentina before getting in Chalten, alone but good time for thinking. I finished with the bike, here is the video with Carretera Austral ( https://vimeo.com/85437194 ) . Now I’m riding horses in a farm near Torres del paine, and future plan to go on moto. Wish you the best guys, was great to meet you!

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