Summary of our trip in numbers …

  • 458days from Provincetown to Buenos Aires
  • most of the time we were standing (208 days), bicycling (169), riding on a boat (49), hitchhiking (29), riding car (18), bus (17) a walking (13)
  • we’ve visited 17 countries (USA, Bahamas, Haiti, Cuba, Mexiko, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina)
  • the most days we stayed in USA – 129 days, Chile – 63, Ecuador – 45, Guatemala – 34, Peru – 33 … 2 tiems we needed viza (USA, Cuba)
  • except USA, Bahamas(EN) and Haiti (FR+creole) everywhere they speak Spanish
  • on bicycles we made 8850km together (900 on Cuba)
  • other trasnportatio (boat, bus, hitchiking): 16700km (catamaran 4000km)
  • mostly we slept on boat (114 nights), at somebody’s place (108), in the tent (82 + 21x in camps), hotels and hostels (94), outside at somebody’s (24), in a car (7) and bus (6)
  • most of the free nights were at Casa de Ciclistas 40x, warmshower hosts 16x, firemen station 14x, couchsurfing 6x, caravan 3x, army 2x, navy 2x
  • we met 126 cyclists (most of them on Carretera austral, nice example is at Klaus webpage)
  • we had more than 30 flat tires (most of them in Central America)
  • we changed 8 tires and 5 chains
  • we uploaded 3500 photos to picasaweb, and made 7 hours of video
  • till now we wrote 86 blog posts
  • totla expenses are difficult to count because we were working the first 4 months but just during the time of travelling (without fly tickets) we spent approx 16300eur together  (17.30€/day/person – including all transports, insurance, accomodation, food, entrance fees, bicycles, …)
  • the highest point we were standing at was the first summit of Chimborazo – 6228m elevation and the highest bicycling was around 5000m in Bolivia
  • 11 children were born among our friends during our travelling :)
Map of the trip (blue – boat, green – bike, black – airplane, red – car, yellow – hitchhike, violet – bus) – klick for enlarge:

BTW: The feature image is a graph illustrating daily distance by bicycle (green) or other transports (red) and number of met cyclists

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