News from Cancun

We crossed Cuba from east to west with chinese bicycles (almost 900km). Cuba is great, beautiful and interesting. But the internet access is very limited – that’s why we write after a longer pause. Before we’ll write some article (and there is much to write about) you can see some photos
We added one article about Haiti and next ones will come in following days.
Now we are in Cancun looking for bicycles with which we will continue further south….

Finally in Grand Goave, Haiti

On 3th of February we finally arrived to our destination in south of Haiti (Grand Goave). It is a totally different world here – crowds of people, collapsed houses, unbelievable traffic. If we wluldn’t see the jungle in Port-au-prince with our eyes we don’t believe :) We met here nice people who take care of us. We are trying to see as much as possible of the lives of normal people but it is difficult without speaking creole or french. We are also looking forward to Cuba where it will be different again – on 15th we are flying to Santiago…