Presentation in Prievidza

On Sunday 1.6.2014 we are going to have a presentation in the Movie Theater in Prievidza (Art Point).

We are trying to do every next presentation better – this is going to be the best one :)

Presentation in Sielnica

On Sunday 18.5.2014 at 16:30 we are going to have presentation about our traveling at the culture centre in Sielnica (Banska Bystrica). Everybody is welcomed!


Another presentation is planned on 1.6. in Prievidza.

Page is finished + presentation on festival

Two months after our return we finally finished last articles. They are also tagged by categories for better overview (COS menu item).

3rd of April 2014 we will hold a presentation on festival Hory a mesto. Two years ago we got there inspiration and decided to go on bicycles and now we would like to motivate others that it is possible.

Again we would like to thank everybody who helped our trip: our families and friends for support, local people for their hospitality and other travelers for the talks, information and motivation!

News from Peru

Did you realize that something was missing before Chimborazo? Yes, here it is :)

Now we are in Trujillo, Peru in the oldest and most famous casa de ciclistas. Till now we had some rest at the beach, tried surfing, paddleboard, seen a dessert, visited ruins of Chan-Chan and met many nice people…

Tomorrow we are moving further – dessert, canyon, mountains … Huaraz and one of the best treks in the world – Santa Cruz.

PS: Even we are close to equator and at the coast, it is really cold here…

News from Colombia

Tomorrow we’ll take bus to the boarder with Ecuador. Colombia is a great country with beautiful nature, tasty food and perfect people and we definitely would like to return here, but now we don’t have much time because we want to do it till Christmas to Argentina.

We also finally updated the page with links.

Still in Guatemala

We spent almost 3 weeks in San Pedro la Laguna – a town at lake Atitlan. We were elarning Spanish, met many interesting travellers and we had a rest. We added some articles and some are to come (look also under this one). We were also thinking about of our travelling. The plans still change – we were almost sure, that we want to fly back to Europe from Bolivia, but our neighbour in the hotel inspired us for the south of Argentina – we will see :)

Anyway, 2 days ago (3rd of April) we bicycled from Panajachel to San Andres Itzapa, where the Maya Pedal organisation is located. It was a hard day full of going uphill, but in a beautiful nature. We are going to spend couple days here – learn something about the bicimachinas, climb the vulcano and see Antugua. And then fast to El Salvador and cross Honduras to Nicaragua.

News from Cancun

We crossed Cuba from east to west with chinese bicycles (almost 900km). Cuba is great, beautiful and interesting. But the internet access is very limited – that’s why we write after a longer pause. Before we’ll write some article (and there is much to write about) you can see some photos
We added one article about Haiti and next ones will come in following days.
Now we are in Cancun looking for bicycles with which we will continue further south….