Bicycle trailer project

Already with two children we realized it would be nice to have a trailer for two. Now a third child is on the way and this will be a necessity. New 2-kid trailer is quite expensive and probably will not fulfill all our needs … so it’s a challenge for a new project :)

We think that for the price of a new trailer we can build one with features we really need. It will be heavier than commercial one but that doesn’t matter – our electric motor it powerful enough :). Important is that it’s spacious and incorporates our ideas about an ideal trailer. Surprisingly I didn’t find any similar project on the internet which I could take like an inspiration. I just have one photo of Kim travelling with his 2 boys in South America – I remember he said, the trailer weights 200kg …

After the first brainstorming about new bicycle trailer project, these are the features it could have:

  • rear pup-up deck for a short transport of the older child
  • place for luggage in one waterproof bag
  • adjustable wheels – because of different weight distribution depending on the load
  • suspension
  • brakes
  • flat floor inside where the children can play + adjustable seats for more effective space utilization
  • simple way to reduce the width so it can pass through doors
  • possibility to park it in a small place – like stand vertically on the rear side
  • can be used as a stroller – so it cannot be an ugly monster
  • detachable roof construction – maybe some kind of tent with poles
  • possibility to carry it on the roof of our car together with Rusty

Other non-realistic ideas:

  • attaching tent or roof where all of us can hide in bad weather
  • electric motor drive + rear deck for mum so she can use it like a electric stroller-car :)
  • converting it to floor where also adults can sleep


We’ll keep you updated about further process :)

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