Podcast “Memories from traveling” #1 – Mennonites & Vinales

In this podcast we are bringing back memories on our traveling in Americas. Each of us prepared one photo which reminds an interesting place and event which we then discuss together.

Jan chose a photo s with Mennonites who we met in Mexico.

Evit found a photo from Cuba where we spent couple days in Vinales with a family who lived in the middle to tobacco fields.

The podcast is unfortunately only in Slovak, but we promise to record one of the next podcasts also in English…

2 Replies to “Podcast “Memories from traveling” #1 – Mennonites & Vinales”

  1. Ahojte. Som myslel ze ked mate tak vela kamaratov zo vselikadial, ze budete mat tie podkasty po anglicky. Inak sa to dobre pocuva. Kvalita zvuku je dobra. A dnes aj ukoncene a muzika, supis ;)

  2. Veľmi príjemné počúvanie a aj nápad. :) Nemala som možnosť vás vidieť ani počuť na vašich prednáškach a teda sa už teraz teším na ďalšie príbehy.

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