Hiking with trailers and kids – statistics

Some facts about our hiking trip with trailers through Slovakia:

  • 836km and 23755 meters of elevation (according to GPS – Strava)
  • 59days of hiking (70 days total)
  • 14km and 400m average for a hiking day (longest day was 22.2km to Čičmany and highest elevation gain was 829m to Čergov)
  • the highest point on the trip was Kráľova Hola (1946m)
  • 16 days we hiked with some company for at least a part of the day (cameraman or friends)
  • we skipped 15% of the SNP trail – most of Low Tatras (Priehyba-Donovaly), Veľká Fatra (Donovaly-Malý Šturec), part of Kremnické vrchy (Malý Šturec-Tunel)
  • we walked 77.5% of the red marked path (different ascend to Kráľova hoľa, skipped Low Tatras, Veľká Fatra and Kremnické vrchy, Vápenná, Záruby, Vápeč, Strážov)
  • from 69 nights we slept 39 nights outside in tent, 6x we paid for the accomodation, 8 nights we spent at some people who we didn’t know before the trip
  • highest point where we slept was next to the hut under Kraľova hoľa (1451m)
  • lowest night temperature approx 4°C and highest day temperature approx 34°C
  • 12 times was raining during hiking
  • 3 kids (6y.,4y.,2y.), 2 parents, 2 hiking trailers
  • 1 flat tire
  • 3x welding of broken trailers, 2x reparing of the brakes (discs and pads and brake fluid maintanance)
  • weight loss: 6kg (Janči) and 4kg (Evit)
  • 80kg total weight of the load (estimate – trailers+stuff, without children)
  • most of the nights we camped we also had camp fire
  • 1x we saw the sunrise
  • countless beautiful places and many incredible and helpful people on the way
  • once the kids were sick, one painful knee (fortunately just couple days – Evit)
  • 4 pairs of destroyed shoes (2x Janko, Janči, Evit)
  • more than 1TB of data (photo+video)
  • 1 movie – Red route home

Some other questions you were asking were answered by Evit in this video:

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