Hiking with trailers and kids – notes

19. mája 2021 we started hiking the SNP heroes trail – longest hike through Slovakia. All the way it’s a red mark – From Dukla to Devin (at the end, we skipped some parts).

Hiking with three kids (Janko 6y., Kolomanko 4y. and Stanko 2y.) and carry all the stuff wouldn’t be possible so we ma hiking trailes.

Evit was writing posts to Facebook and Instagram) – we collcted all o them , put in irder with pictures, but it’s only in Slovak and it’s so much text, that we will not translate it, sorry guys … I recoomend going to our Facebook page cos.sk and check the automated translation or use google translate or just look at the Slovak version … or wait for summary, which should be also in English :)

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