Christmas eve

25 degrees Celsius, gyros for breakfas, daiquiri in coconut, pancake-wafers, cabbage soup, bread, salat, cookies, cocos-cake and presents under paper tree

Sun is shining and warming our cabin from early morning. It’s a nice Christmas day (24.Dec). Janko wishes me all the best for my nameday.

Today’s dinner is planned for 8pm – we are not going to starve so long and have breakfast at a greek resturant. Omelet with gyros and feta cheese tastes weird.

We spend morning sendind Christmas wishes and charge our electric device – we are not parked at the main pier and we don’t have electricity and water there so we go to sit next to the fancy yachts at a pink table next to the eclectricity tower.

All 3 of us have daiquiri in coconut. We use this fancy drink to cheers with our families and friends on skype.

We wanted to make “Christmas swimming”, but the water feels really cold and we don’t need to push this (we we not so action anymore? :))

We go to the supermarket to buy a bread (we found a relly good one here – similar to ours). In the way we collect flowers. Joe is ready to leave for the airport to pick up July who is spending this week with us.

Wtih Jan we start to cook. In half an hour the Christmas potato salad is ready (the result of combination of our family recepis is great). I make a small thin pancakes as a substitution for wafers, the nut-cream for cookies (it should be originally made from poppy seeds, which are hard to get here), cabbage soup with mushrooms and dried plums and fried fish. I pack the presents, Jan prepares the table and bar.

Everything is ready, nice and smells great. We are waiting … making photos … waiting … 8… 8:30 … 9 … 10 … the flight is 2.5hours delayed. We give up and have a nap. In half an hour we hear the steps – finally we can start eating! :)

In the stress we forget the toast and directly cut the apple. The next are the pancake-wafers with honey and garlic (every Slovak tradition explained), cabbage soup (unfortunately July cannot eat milk and is today’s menu everything contains milk). Then the salad and fish and the last are the cakes with nut-sauce. After all this we are full like we usually are at home on Christmas eve.

After dinner we open the presents – mostly food, Jan gets a Haiti rum and the main presents is a GoPro camera – finally there will be some videos! :)

We forget to drink the czech beer bought spesially for this occasion and after one more hour of talking we go to sleep with the good feeling, that we have “our” Christmas even here and that we showed our traditions.

BTW: In USA and Bahamas the Christmas is celebrated on 25th. But the christmas songs have sounded here the whole time since we came…


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  1. …taketo vianoce by som bral aj ja :) inak, uz som pocul vela verzii pomenovania isteho popularneho vianocneho jedla s makom a mliekom, ale “pupaky” su pre mna zas nieco nove :)

    p.s. – aj ja chcem GoPro kameru!

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