American society and people we won’t forget

We are leaving, recapitulating – our observations, opinions and experiences with the culture and people in USA

We were mostly on east coast so our experiences and observations come from meetings with people who live here.

Many Americans sport and eat healthy and it is visible. Of course you can see also some fat people. Most of the food in stores is low-fat or fat-free (even bananas:)) and this makes it difficult to buy a “normal” yogurt. Provincetown and also other towns we visited are mainly touristic places and the people eat out or in fast foods. This is caused by their better economic situation but they are also willing to spend more money for food on vacation. Despite their higher incomes we didn’t have the feeling they buy only the most quality things. Yes, they own a lot of things, but most cars are older and big, interiors in houses are designed with classic-style what gives opportunity to “recycle” furniture – buy/sell/donate in thrift stores or in yard sales. Electronics is cheaper here and everybody uses the loan systems. All these facts make it possible to live a comfortable consume life but on the other hand, the people are not in so close relationship with the things. It happened to us that foreign people offered us their car or house for a week. In general the people are very helpful and nice always willing to help and give advises. Sometimes we had feeling they are too much nice but this is their normal behaviour and way of speaking. After short time, we really appreciated smiles of the bus drivers, people in supermarkets or other foreigners – that really makes your day.

Unfortunately we had also an experience with their health system and it is really better to stay healthy here. Examination at doctor, medicament or surgery are unbelievable expensive. Also the educations is expensive and the students without scholarship leave the university with a big debt, which they then pay back many years. On the other hand this can have also a positive influence on the quality of education and the motivation to really study.

Conclusions: there are positives and negatives in this country but our experiences are mostly positive and nice. The people are happy to see a foreigner and respect the differences.

During our traveling we met people who’ve influenced us with their willingness and friendliness and broaden our horizon. We mention some of them and the ideas which we have taken from these meetings and talks.

Our colleagues from Dolphin fleet but especially Lacey – she told us about Joe and thanks to her we have the motivation to write this page in English

“Even one person is enough to make things well”

Chris – our friend who was on our wedding, spoke for us with Joe, helped us during the summer (lending his car, bicycles, money, books, advices…) – he is our great friend

“You don’t need to accept everything – if you don’t like something just leave”

Ralph and Laura – amazing people who offered us their house in White Mountains for free.

“If you have anything you don’t use – let it use somebody else who can enjoy it”

Paula who was taking care of us in Cape May, where we spent more than one week during he hurricane Sandy.

“What goes around, comes around”

George – he helped us really a lot with the repairs on the boat and made our waiting in Wilmington bearable.

“Sometimes the waiting is worth it”

Suzi and Victor – cheerful inspiriting Canadian couple full of positive energy.

“The travelling is about having fun. Sometimes you need to spend the money and be social – this is what makes the life nice”

Jim Brown – great 80-years old man with the most cordial laugh you can imagine. A star who achieved a lot in his life, but who likes to listen to others and let you believe that your “normal” life is also interesting. He can give you so much inspiration through his stories, achievements and his personality.

“Even stars are normal people who care about others”

Fred – large-minded man with many life experience and the courage to live and fight for your dream despite of many loses

“The life is more important than any property”

Pete – helpful and friendly man full of surprising stories who made our time in St. Augustine much more pleasant

“To experience something extreme doesn’t need to give you something worth”

Erik – cheerful young man from Dufuskie island with a big heart and nice meaning of the life.

“The real fortune is not measured by money on your bank account but by the happiness, friends and life which makes you happy”

Joe – barefoot captain, macho singer, rebel with a big heart and a good friend. He is sometimes really bullheaded, does not listen but he can also acknowledge mistakes. Funny geezer who can make fun of himself. A person with whom the silence is not embarrassing and talks are interesting and didactic. A man who gives us opportunity to live our dreams, broadens our horizon and who let us feel, that he likes us :)

“There is a beauty even on places which other people renounce (Haiti)”

Joe and everybody mentioned (even those not mentioned here): our memories are not made just by places we visit, but mostly by the people who we meet. And because of you, our journey is so great and makes us better. THANK YOU!

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  1. You guys are the best! Thanks for taking the time to write this in English. My Jan & I had many adventures in our younger days. It’s fun to hear about yours! Love to you in the New Year! Lacey

  2. Vydareny clanok! Hlavne tie citaty. Uz len si to osvojit a zivotny nadhlad zaruceny;-) Take care!

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