Hiking trailers

When we decided we want to walk the 800 km long SNP thru-hike with three small children (6y, 4y, 2y), it was clear to us that it could not be done with backpacks on our backs. The youngest Stanko wouldn’t walk much and woulnd need to sleep, and overall we had too much stuff to carry. Since we had previously traveled a lot by bicycle with children, we had experience with a bicycle trailer, and naturally we thought that we could pull a traile behind us even up the mountains. We were surprised that there aren’t many hiking trailers out there and none of them fully suited us (small wheels, the impossibility to takie child, part of the weight of the load is still on one’s shoulders, the price…). An ordinary cart or a wheelbarrow didn’t suit either, so we finally decided to design and build a trailer exactly according to our ideas.

More information about the trailers further in the article…

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